Spacestudio - a modern interior photo studio


SPACE STUDIO – It's not just a professional photo and video studio in Kiev.

Here - the territory of boundless creativity and the embodiment of the most cosmic ideas!

Our main difference – Service of the European level and care of each client.

Renting a photo studio with us, you get not only a shooting room, but also a unique set of tools for creating true masterpieces!


The only CAPSULE cyclorams in Ukraine are black and white, with a depth of 8 and 6 meters. Take off from any angle and enjoy the "endless" background in the pictures!
Unique designer interior in space style - create photos that will remain in the memory of others forever.
Wall for the author's scenery! SPACE STUDIO - the first and only studio in Kiev, where you can make the background as you need it!
Unlimited number of people during filming WITHOUT ADDITION.
The ability to record sound and work on the green ree - do not give up the brilliant ideas because of technical difficulties!
Robotic interchangeable backgrounds - spend 100% of the time on creativity, not on rearranging equipment.
Professional equipment Bowens - a brand that is trusted by the best photographers for more than 50 years.
Suspended ramp for light equipment with 4 movable guides.
MakeUp Room for 3 make-up rooms, equipped with professional light, lockers, iron and other small items to create chic images.
Ability to shoot with daylight.
Free parking, wi-fi, tea and water - for each participant!


PRICE - 350 грн/час

Anti-utopian and technological subjects will be realized in the most realistic way in the interior of the hall.

We no longer need to leave the confines of the planet Earth, our scenery is just space!

PRICE - 600 грн/час

"Infinite" background on your photos, advantages in lighting and convenience at the postproduction stage.

The hall with two unique cyclrams (white, black) provides many opportunities for realizing your ideas!

PRICE - 350 грн/час

Romantic photo shoots, portrait shootings, fashion shooting, wedding photosessions, gentle or restrained subjects will look harmonious against the backdrop of the set of scenery of this room.

White is an eternal classic!

PRICE - 150 грн/место

A comfortable workplace in the dressing room will create all the necessary conditions for preparing for a photo shoot or video shooting in our studio.

In the dressing room, 3 masters can work simultaneously.