Room 01 - Capsule

"Infinite" background on your photos, advantages in lighting and convenience at the postproduction stage.

The hall with two unique cyclrams (white, black) provides many opportunities for realizing your ideas!


day time
(10:00 - 21:00)
600 uah/hour
Night time
(21:00 - 10:00)
700 uah/hour
  • At a command 8 and more people in rent cost cleaning of a hall includes - 400 UAH
  • Renting a room for 6 hours you get 1 hour as a gift
  • Freight elevator, free parking for cars
  • Target studio rental (seminars, master classes, presentations, birthdays, hen parties) is negotiated individually and individually;


Area - 140 m2
Ceiling height - 4 m
Possibility of setting a black square, 6x6 m wide
Black capsular cyclorama: working area in width - 6 m, depth - 8 m
natural light (large windows)
Hanging ramp (truss) for light equipment with 4 movable guides
White capsular cyclorama: working area in width - 7 m, depth - 6 m
Greenscreen (green rir), size 3x6 m
Robotic paper background system (white, black, dark blue, light gray, graphite, marsala, red, chocolate)
A large mobile dressing room
Wi-fi, air conditioning, music column


3 monoblocks
1 monoblock
Racks, cranes, nozzles (reflectors, soft boxes, strip boxes, octo-box, portrait plate, tube, honeycomb, curtains, color filters - 7pcs.), Sundbags, flags (2 pcs.)


after 20 hours rental
5% discount
after 40 hours rental
10% discount


  • You can rent additional equipment, having previously specified its presence with the administrator.
  • The cost of an additional (fifth or more) source is 50 UAH / hour.
  • You can use additional backgrounds, background replacement - 25 UAH
  • With a team of 8 or more people, the cleaning fee is included in the rental price - 400 UAH.
  • The initial setup of equipment and devices for taking photographs, the help and advice of the administrator, and the use of a mobile dressing room are included in the rent of the hall.
  • Possible cash and non-cash form of rent payment
  • Assistant lighting for shooting - 250 UAH / hour (by appointment)
  • Preparing the "black square" - 400 UAH.
Minimum rental time is 2 hours