The rules of renting

the Reservation is prepaid 50%.

You can cancel the rental of the Studio at least 48 hours. If you cancel less than 48 hours notice, the Studio reserves the right to withhold 50% of the order value, if cancelled less than 24 hours – 100% of the booked time.

Prepayment for shooting at night – 100%.

If, after the end of the reserved time the Studio is free, the shooting time can be extended after agreement with the administrator.

Minimum time to renew the lease of the hall is 30 minutes.

the Beginning of the lease the Studio is the time stated when booking, not the actual start time of the shooting. Late to the shoot and its premature end does not reduce the overall cost of services.

responsibility for the integrity and safety of the decorations, equipment and props the responsibility of the direct client for rent.

Before using the Studio, please read the rules of the lease and inspect the Studio equipment. In the event of faults with the equipment, it must immediately inform the administrator. At the end of the lease, the administrator checks the state of the Studio equipment. In the event of damage to equipment, scenery or Studio props, the tenant shall pay its market value.

Any manipulation of the backgrounds are made only in the presence of the administrator. The cost per meter of the new/damaged background (damages, tears, stains, footprints, etc.) – 170 UAH.

the DC light from the electricity of the Studio and 2.3 UAH/kW*hour.

setup equipment for photo shooting, help and advice of the administrator included in the rental price.

the Cost of a work assistant — illuminator – 200 UAH/hour.

it is Possible to use additional backgrounds. Background replacement – 20 UAH.

Working in the Studio is permitted only in replaceable footwear. You can bring it with you or use Shoe covers that will offer the administrator the Studio. Please note that the requirement for purity also applies to shoes, which removed the model. Garbage formed during shooting, should be removed before the end lease time of the shooting hall. If shooting in the Studio involves the subsequent cleaning, please notify the administrator. The cost of cleaning is included in rental cost.

Smoking in the Studio is strictly prohibited, penalty – UAH 800. If Smoking is necessary to create a stage image, you must contact the administrator.

In the halls of the Studio are not allowed to eat, fine – 400 UAH. Exceptions are coordinated with the administrators of the occasions when food is the subject.

Filming with animals requires prior approval from the administration.

the hotel reserves the right not to allow the Studio to remove them from persons in condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

the Administration of the Studio is not responsible for personal belongings of clients, located in the premises of the Studio or forgotten them.

The rules of renting